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Single machine induction fan intelligent controller

Beilin electronics and Shanghai Jiaotong University help you easily finish such as oxide skin, metal debris, etc.

our research room has long provided intelligent ventilation supporting automatic control services for induction fans. Welcome major manufacturers to call us for consultation, and our partner Shanghai Beilin electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 quality system certification on the production and service of intelligent control system for induction fans

in 2009, we are committed to the development of intelligent ventilation. In the new year, we will continue to innovate, develop and produce intelligent control products

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product model: shbl-f-s2 overall dimension: 121 × ninety × 45 Product Name: single machine induction fan intelligent controller

according to the different needs of the current market for intelligent ventilation of underground garages, we have developed shbl-f-s2 single machine induction fan intelligent controller

the single controller has the advantages of low cost, small volume, sensitive response, convenient installation, simple test, etc

the concentration of combustible gas in the garage can be detected by a single machine. If the concentration exceeds the standard, it will be turned on, and if the concentration is normal, it will be turned off

system composition:

the general induction fan is equipped with shbl-f-s2 induction fan intelligent controller. It is applicable to induction fans with power of 120W from any manufacturer

main functions:

★ when the intelligent controller of the induction fan is powered on, the green indicator light of the intelligent controller of the induction fan lights up

★ when the system is started for the first time, it needs to be preheated for 2 minutes. After preheating, the system enters the automatic detection and control state. At this time, the exhaust gas concentration exceeds the standard, and the controller will alarm and ventilate. When the concentration is diluted to the normal standard, the induction fan will shut down automatically

★ provide 24V switching power port to centrally control all induction fans. When the switch is closed, all induction fans are opened; When it is turned on, all induction fans are turned off and enter the automatic detection state

product features:

the simple controller adopts a combustible gas smoke sensor, which can detect a variety of combustible gases including carbon monoxide, liquefied gas, methane, propane, butane, alcohol, hydrogen, smoke and so on. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, rapid response recovery, excellent stability, long life and so on

before leaving the factory, the smoke detector shall uniformly calibrate the alarm concentration scale. If it is necessary to adjust the concentration, it can create a new trend in the medical industry through the panel high-performance plastic: safety, environmental protection, precision knob. (Note: in order to standardize and unify the detection concentration, it is recommended to maintain the concentration before delivery (3) the steel ball and ball seat in the adjustable buffer valve are not closely set.)

Author: Lu Linji

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