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Titanium dioxide coated smart paint can reduce the tunnel accident rate

titanium dioxide coated smart paint can reduce the tunnel accident rate

November 5, 2010

[China paint information] the German company innowaygmbh is currently using a high-tech smart paint, which not only has a beautiful coating effect, but also can reduce the tunnel accident rate

the coating can increase the brightness of the tunnel, has the function of self-cleaning and wear resistance, and can ensure that the tunnel is clean and tidy all year round

accident investigation shows that traffic accidents mainly occur at the entrance and exit of the tunnel - that is, the composite materials made of reinforced fiber and thermoplastic can fully meet these needs in the transfer of artificial light and sunlight. Therefore, in recent years, the EU regulations on product safety functions have become more and more stringent

h used by innoway company with firm protective cover itecco is an acrylic coating, and the outer layer is coated with titanium dioxide. This surface treatment method makes its surface structure very smooth, so that dust, grease and exhaust gas cannot adhere. More important is its anti microbial effect - it can produce a dirt catalyst. Therefore, it can not only keep the tunnel wall and roof clean, but also filter and clean the air filled with waste gas. A set of data can well explain the above effect: the temperature rise and fall speed (average speed every 5 minutes) of about 100 square meters of processed tunnel line is more scientific, and the road area is enough to significantly improve 25000 cubic meters of air per day

UV irradiation is a prerequisite for self-cleaning. Without UV, this physical self-cleaning effect will not occur. At first, the direct radiation of the sun was a necessary condition for self-cleaning. Subsequently, innoway and its partners improved the product. Now, the light from artificial light sources such as fluorescent lamps is enough to make it have self-cleaning function

hitecco coating used by innoway can reflect about 80% of incident light. If this kind of paint is applied to the road surface, the asphalt will not absorb too much light, and even the lighting lamps with relatively low power can achieve the same lighting effect as high-power lamps. In this way, traditional lighting fixtures can save 40% of energy, while modern LED lamps can even save up to 70% of energy

innoway estimates that operators can save about 35% of tunnel management and maintenance costs every year. For example, for a medium length tunnel, the tunnel needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least every six months, and the walls also need to be repainted, otherwise the dust and exhaust gas will seriously affect the lighting condition, resulting in a significant increase in the accident rate

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