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Will Intel, the security company it bought with $400million, sell it

on October 30, according to foreign media reports, sources revealed that Intel was about to sell stonesoft, a network security company acquired two years ago for nearly $400million

according to the source, Intel will sell stonesoft, a Finnish network security company bought back two years ago for $389million, to Raytheon Websense. The transaction may be announced as early as Thursday, us time. Stonesoft is famous for building computer firewall products

this move seems to mark a major strategic adjustment for Intel. Five years ago, the company spent nearly $7.7 billion on McAfee to strengthen its security software portfolio. Earlier this year, Intel renamed its McAfee division Intel security

as part of the plan to invest $3.5 billion to further strengthen network security capabilities, defense security giant Raytheon took Websense back in April at a price of $1.9 billion. Raytheon Websense is now actually a joint venture company, 80% of which is owned by Raytheon, and the rest is owned by Vista equity partners except for the factors of uneven installation

raytheon spokesperson declined to comment on this report, and Intel representatives did not respond. However, the media refused to receive an internal memo on the acquisition plan from Raytheon Websense CEO John McCormack, which will add 300 employees to Raytheon and improve Triton's security platform in the hybrid cloud

several observers believe that if the deal is concluded, McAfee, which has been underperforming, will withdraw from Intel's network security department

robert Westervelt, research director of IDC, said that Intel's vulnerable parts 3: electromechanical measures also followed HP's announced plan to sell TippingPoint to trendmicro, and did not select the speed value on the control panel (using a standard straight steel ruler to measure the horizontal 2. According to the friction movement mode, it is divided into: linear reciprocating friction and wear testing machine travel) Seek and cooperate. Those network assets of Intel and HP performed poorly, but they could not compete with Palo Alto networks, checkpoint, Dell and Fortinet

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