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Zhan Chunxin: do a good job in localization and actively go out

Zhan Chunxin, male, born in April 1955, chairman, CEO and party secretary of Zoomlion Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., joined the party in 1975. He has won the gold award of yuanbaohua, the highest enterprise management award in China, the Leonardo International Award in Italy in 2010, the 12th Annual person of China's economy with the development of technology on CCTV, the most influential industrial leader award of China's construction machinery, etc

as a leading equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, Zoomlion has actively expanded its overseas market. At present, Zoomlion has formed a "two horizontal and two vertical" market pattern overseas, running through Eurasia from Britain, France, Germany to Russia, and emerging markets in Asia from the Middle East, Central Asia, India to Southeast Asia; From North America to Brazil and Chile, it runs through north and South America, and from North Africa to South Africa, it runs through the African continent, forming "two vertical lines". It has established sales and service platforms in more than 80 countries, and its products are exported to nearly 100 countries overseas

Zhan tip: you can enlarge the experimental curve and re confirm the "yield point" later. Chunxin believes that the more localized, the more internationalized. In order to realize real internationalization, Chinese enterprises must constantly localize. In addition to localized products, there should also be localized marketing network, service system, localized talents and resources, etc

he said that, first of all, Zoomlion has established sales and service platforms in nearly 80 countries and branches in more than 40 countries, constantly establishing a certain correlation between powder characteristics and the performance of processed parts, strengthening channel construction, and having localized partners in the markets of various countries. Secondly, Zoomlion has successively established overseas R & D centers in the United States, Germany, Italy and other places, successfully bringing together global human resources and intellectual support. Third, Zoomlion has established a concrete production base in Brazil, established a joint venture with Indian Electromech company, and cooperated with Belarus maz company in production, which has become a successful case of localization development. Fourth, Zoomlion has established overseas spare parts centers in 10 countries including Indonesia, Dubai, Pakistan and Myanmar, which can provide rapid response to spare parts services for local and surrounding countries that optimize the structural layout of spring tension and compression testing machine structures


in the whole process of Zoomlion reform, the political core role of the party organization is very important

first, the role of Party organizations should be brought into full play in the reform. The party committees at higher levels should take direction and manage the overall situation, while the grass-roots party organizations should ensure implementation, and integrate the party's leadership into all links of enterprise reform and embed it into the corporate governance structure. Second, we will continue to strengthen the building of Party organizations after the reform is completed. One fifth of the employees of Zoomlion are party members, 3337 of whom are on the job, including 7 sub Party committees, 4 general Party branches and 107 grass-roots party branches

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