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Zhanjiang timber market prices rose

since the fourth quarter, the timber market in Zhanjiang, Guangdong has been selling actively and the price is optimistic. At present, the selling price of Chinese Fir with a length of 4 meters and a grade of more than 30 cm is 1100 yuan per cubic meter. The selling price of various boards is 1400 yuan per cubic meter. The prices of logs and boards have increased to varying degrees compared with the third quarter, and there will be a continuing trend

the main reasons for the rise in Zhanjiang's timber market prices are as follows: first, the state has increased its efforts to develop regions in China. A large number of infrastructure projects have been launched one after another, taking into account the specificity and durability of the methods. The demand for timber has been greatly increased, and the understanding of the concept of environmental protection has become increasingly novel and fair

second, after the fourth quarter of each year, it is the peak of building fever in rural areas, forming a large market for wood consumption

third, people's purchasing power has increased significantly due to the recovery of the market economy this year

fourth, the relevant functional departments of the state have strengthened their crackdown on smugglers to avoid the impact of smuggled timber on the domestic timber market

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