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Zhejiang Hangzhou Customs Jiaxing Port strictly investigated imported waste paper to eliminate hidden dangers release date: Source: Zhejiang Jiaxing channel at noon on September 9, the sun was hot. A group of on-site inspectors at Jiaxing Port of Hangzhou Customs, zhangyangyang, Wang Wei and Songjian, were busy at the container yard of Zhapu wharf. They were going to inspect a batch of waste paper from 10 containers imported from Norfolk. 100% unpacking, 100% unpacking, 100% sending the exclamations of liaolixin, general manager of Huqingyutang e-commerce Co., Ltd., to professional organizations for identification. They shuttle back and forth among the waste paper piles and stop to inspect; They got into the stuffy container and checked it carefully without any clues. Suddenly, in a container, they found a solid closed metal cylinder with a length of about 20cm, a diameter of about 5cm and a weight of about 1kg, and both ends were connected with wires. From the damaged label of the article, the words "caution, explicit" were vaguely seen, and the on-site personnel preliminarily determined that the article was a suspected explosive

a dangerous situation is an order. After being reported level by level by the on-site inspection personnel, Hangzhou Customs will immediately start the emergency plan and issue instructions: first, it is necessary to verify the test speed of suspected explosives on site. The investment will be isolated and stored safely from now on. Warning areas will be set up to restrict personnel access and ensure the safety of life and property. Second, contact the local functional departments whose extruders account for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery to identify suspected explosives

on that night, Jiaxing anti terrorism office, the port area management committee, the municipal special police detachment, the port area public security bureau, the port area fire brigade and other relevant departments arrived at the site of Zhapu wharf one after another, formed an on-site joint disposal team, identified and confirmed that the item was a waste airbag detonator, which would produce a large amount of gas after being electrified and detonated, which was dangerous

at 22:10 p.m., Jiaxing special police detachment detonated and destroyed at the scene, and no personnel and property losses were caused during the disposal. So far, Hangzhou Customs has successfully investigated and disposed of the suspected hidden danger of explosives

the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Customs said that next, Hangzhou Customs will conduct h986 machine inspection and manual screening for this batch of goods again, decide whether to remove the on-site alert and make disposal suggestions for the whole batch of goods according to the results of the re screening and the written report issued by the explosion-proof Department

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