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Zhan Chunxin: actively follow the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry and continuously improve the global market "localization"

Zhan Chunxin: actively go out and do a good job in the global market "localization"

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Zhan Chunxin: actively go out and do a good job in the global market "localization"


Zhan Chunxin, male, born in April 1955, Secretary of the Party committee of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd Chairman and CEO, joined the party in 1975. He has won the gold award of yuanbaohua, the highest enterprise management award in China, the 2010 Leonardo international award issued by the Italian president, the 12th annual figure of China's economy on CCTV, the most influential industrial leader award of China's construction machinery, etc

as a leading equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, Zoomlion has actively expanded its overseas market. At present, Zoomlion has formed a "two horizontal and two vertical" market pattern overseas, running through Eurasia from Britain, France, Germany to Russia, and emerging markets in Asia from the Middle East, Central Asia, India to Southeast Asia; From North America to Brazil and Chile, it runs through north and South America, and from North Africa to South Africa, it runs through the African continent, forming "two vertical lines". It has established sales and service platforms in more than 80 countries, and its products are exported to nearly 100 countries overseas

Zhan Chunxin believes that the more localized, the more internationalized. In order to realize real internationalization, Chinese enterprises must constantly localize. In addition to localized products, there should also be localized marketing network, service system, localized talents and resources, etc

he said, first of all, Zoomlion has established sales and service platforms in more than 80 countries, established branches in more than 40 countries, continuously strengthened channel construction when necessary, and has localized partners in various markets. Secondly, Zoomlion has successively established overseas R & D centers in the United States, Germany, Italy and other places, successfully bringing together global human resources and intellectual support. Third, Zoomlion has established a concrete production base with a minimum annual interest rate of 3% in Brazil, established a joint venture with Electromech of India and cooperated with maz of Belarus, which has become a successful case of localization development. Fourth, Zoomlion has established overseas spare parts centers in Indonesia, Dubai, Pakistan, Myanmar and other countries, which can provide rapid spare parts service response for local and surrounding countries

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Zhan Chunxin: "In the past five years, Zoomlion has implemented the requirements of supply side structural reform and greatly improved the quality of development. Looking forward to the future, we will roll up our sleeves and work hard to become a global high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise. The golden word of China's equipment manufacturing is often used in large railways, highway bridges, roof trusses, crane beams, industrial and civil precast floors, pipe piles, prestressed concrete transmission pipelines, etc A signboard! "

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