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Zhejiang comprehensively promotes the "Green Express" ecological and environmental protection project

[place of packaging and printing industry] on the 7th, it was learned from Zhejiang Provincial Postal Administration that in order to further promote the ecological and environmental protection work of the express industry in Zhejiang Province, the Bureau officially launched 371 ecological and environmental protection projects, namely, 3 main tasks, 7 specific tasks, 1 overall requirement, and multiple measures to comprehensively promote the pollution prevention and control of the postal express industry

the specific contents include that Zhejiang postal administration, in conjunction with major express enterprises, express packaging manufacturers, universities, scientific research institutions, certification institutions, relevant government departments and industry associations in the province, explores the establishment of an industry alliance of express green packaging production and implementation agencies in Zhejiang Province, and forms a closed-loop management mode of express packaging production, use, recycling and recycling

starting from the express packaging production enterprises and major express enterprises, improve the green environmental protection standards, eliminate the use of toxic and harmful materials, and fundamentally improve the ecological and environmental protection level of the industry. Zhaohaizhong, director of the market supervision division of Zhejiang postal administration, said

in addition, Zhejiang postal administration has established a platform to promote the recycling of packaging materials, and promoted major express enterprises to establish a public platform for the recycling of express packaging materials based on local business. At the same time, Zhejiang has established a blacklist system for express enterprises and express packaging manufacturers, and actively played the self-discipline role of industry associations

Zhejiang Province is a big province of e-commerce and express delivery. According to the data, from January to June this year, the express business volume of the province reached 7.16 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 27.85%

original title: Zhejiang comprehensively promotes the ecological and environmental protection project of green quick preparedness for accidents

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