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Zhangliping: accelerating the transformation to modern coal chemical industry

when talking about the development of modern coal chemical industry in Shanxi Province, zhangliping, Secretary General of Shanxi Chemical Industry Association, seemed confident. She said: "the proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on formulating the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development adopted at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is of special significance to the 12th Five Year Plan for resource-based economic regions." She believes that the challenges faced by the development of Shanxi coal chemical industry, such as the transformation from traditional coal chemical industry to modern coal chemical industry, and the transformation from extensive growth to intensive growth, should be viewed positively, and the industry's "12th Five Year" development plan should be formulated scientifically

she expressed her willingness to actively participate in the initiative proposed by the Chinese side to build the Silk Road Economic Belt, indicating that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Shanxi will actively develop modern coal chemical industry based on the improvement of traditional coal chemical industry and the carrier of circular economy parks. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the output value of Shanxi coal chemical industry is planned to reach 200billion yuan, the output of main coal chemical products will reach 25million tons, and the annual conversion of coal will reach 90million tons. The chemical conversion rate of coal will be increased from the current 2.2% to more than 10%

Shanxi Province will focus on the five main chains of benzene, oil, olefin, gas and alcohol, and focus on building seven major industrial sectors for the expansion and development of China's plastic extruder market. First, coal based synthetic oil and methanol to gasoline, focusing on the construction of landmark projects such as Lu'an coal to liquids and Jin coal to methanol to liquids, develop a number of new coal chemical projects and industrial clusters with a capacity of one million tons; Second, methanol to olefins (ethylene and propylene) and downstream processing; Third, coal based natural gas can be seen from these cases of gas and pipe laying; Fourth, coal to ethylene glycol; Fifth, fine chemicals, mainly including benzene hydrofining, aniline, adipic acid, succinic acid, caprolactam, etc; 6. Deep processing of tar, mainly including coal series needle coke, ultra-high power graphite electrode, deep processing of crude anthracene (carbazole, refined anthracene, anthraquinone), etc; Seventh, coal based fertilizer

by 2015, the province will strive to form a production capacity of 3.6 million tons of coal to oil, 2.4 million tons of coal to olefins, 1million tons of methanol to gasoline, 8billion cubic meters of coal to natural gas and 1million tons of ethylene glycol. The comprehensive production capacity of fine chemicals and new chemical materials has reached 3million tons/year, the deep processing capacity of tar has reached 3.5 million tons/year, and the deep processing rate of tar and crude benzene has reached more than 80%

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Shanxi will also build two modern coal chemical production bases in the southeast and north of Shanxi and four characteristic chemical parks in Jiaocheng, Jiexiu Lingshi, Hongdong and Yuncheng according to its resource endowment and regional characteristics, so as to develop its own coal chemical products. It will accelerate the integration of coal and chemical enterprises and cultivate a number of large energy and chemical enterprises integrating upstream and downstream. We should focus on cultivating 2-3 large-scale coal chemical industry groups with assets and sales revenue of more than 100 billion yuan

the specific plan is to rely on Yangquan Coal Group to implement cross regional mergers and acquisitions to form a large coal chemical enterprise with urea and acetylene chemical characteristics; Rely on Jincheng Coal Group to integrate urea enterprises in Jincheng area and establish super large and clean energy characteristic coal chemical enterprises; The Tianji Group, Lu'an Group and the surrounding affiliated enterprises were jointly restructured to form a large comprehensive coal chemical leading enterprise

zhangliping said that the development of coal chemical industry should be supported by science and technology. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Shanxi will actively promote the combination of industrialization and informatization, adopt new technologies and processes of modern coal chemical industry with independent intellectual property rights, promote the transformation from traditional coal chemical industry based on coal to chemical fertilizer to modern coal chemical industry based on the production of petroleum substitute products, and further improve the technical path and industrial model of coal chemical industry, Cultivate a number of backbone enterprises with important influence in the country and a number of national coal chemical technology R & D centers

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