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innovation and R & D are the current leading direction of integrated wall enterprises. If an enterprise wants to have stronger vitality and higher market premium ability, its products must be different. Only by taking the road of differentiation can it form a division and make competitors unable to follow. Finding their own sky has become the most urgent problem for every integrated wall enterprise. Enterprises need to constantly innovate, research and develop, and walk out of their own landscape

the implementation of differentiation strategy of integrated wall products, first, packaging differentiation. Looking for product differentiation can start with the outer packaging, which can give people the most direct feeling. Second, the differentiation of positioning. An enterprise may not have a high enough popularity or a high enough share, but it cannot have a clear positioning for its own brand and products. Enterprises must find their own space for survival and development through the differentiation of positioning

no product can meet all consumers. If you want to position yourself as a medium and low-end product, you must give up the high-end product. You can't have both fish and bear's paw. Similarly, if you want to position yourself as a high-end product, you must give up the medium and low-end product. Only by positioning the brand product well, can you find your own advantages, so as to concentrate on seizing your own territory. Third, product selling differentiation. In terms of product selling point differentiation, from the technical level: we can also tap product differentiation; Functionally, it can meet the demands of different groups; From the perspective of fashion elements, it can create a distinctive brand awareness

new products and new concept introduction strategies, people are fond of the new and tired of the old. Enterprises must constantly push through the old and bring forth the new to meet the needs of channel merchants and all kinds of customers. New products, new sales, new sales growth points, new profit breakthroughs. Therefore, enterprises can create a differentiation from the introduction of new products and new brand concepts

the same is true of the integrated Wall brand we have been talking about. What is the integrated Wall brand, brand integrated wall? Integrated wall enterprises with integrated wall corporate culture and integrated wall corporate philosophy can be called integrated wall brands. Why do integrated wall enterprises want to become integrated wall brands? It is because of the integrated Wall brand that the value of the enterprise will be improved. In the final analysis, it is to improve the brand value and product value of the entire integrated wall enterprise. In addition to building advantages in products, services, brands and other aspects, tscn integrated wall takes the high-end, environment-friendly and energy-saving route, which is also the development trend of the integrated wall market this year and even in the future. The rising price of raw materials makes many integrated wall enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with low profit margins, feel the pressure of survival. In view of this situation, integrated wall enterprises should continue to invest in scientific research and increase investment in the production of environmental protection and energy-saving products, so as to reduce costs and improve profits

from the development status of the integrated wall industry, it is not difficult to see that the competition in the integrated wall industry is becoming increasingly fierce and the industry is gradually standardized. It is difficult to meet the needs of consumers only by relying on excellent quality and high-quality service. Only when we improve from meeting the material needs of customers to the spiritual demands, and make use of the differentiated culture of the integrated Wall brand, can the integrated wall enterprise go further

Hunan Tuscany Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. The company started as an integrated kitchen and bathroom ceiling. After ten years of development, it was the first in China to launch an integrated wall with bamboo and wood fibers in 2012. After 15 years of development, the company has more than 1200 agents nationwide, including more than 300 suspended ceilings and more than 900 integrated walls. The company has a set of practical experience from production - Design - store building - Training - operation, which can effectively help agents in various regions quickly enter the industry and seize the market

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