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The decoration should be fashionable and save money at the same time. The decoration design case we want to enjoy today is a set of modern and simple decoration design. It costs 70000 to decorate 88 square meters. The decoration is very fashionable. The kitchen is open, the kitchen, dining room and living room are transparent and have a panoramic view. There are many fashionable elements such as the lounge designed by tatami. Now let's have a look

building area: 88 square meters

budget: 70000

decoration style: modern simplicity

time flies. In a blink of an eye, it has been five months since the commencement of construction. Looking back on that period of decoration, the whole process of decoration is very long, bitter and sweet, and more of it is hard and tired, but at the moment of seeing the results, everything feels worthwhile

at the beginning of 2011, I finally got the key to my house. It has been a long time for us to choose a decoration company from a house to a large company to a small company. Different designers have different ideas. After comparing many factors, such as design, construction site and model house, we choose a good decoration company. Special thanks to our designers and decorators for giving me a perfect home - happiness starts from this moment

looking at the open kitchen from the living room, the bar with a little bar style design is used as a dining table.

the kitchen comes from a small rest room. The design of tatami, a very leisurely panoramic view of the bedroom, and the design of flowers at the head of the bedroom bed match very well.

this is the children's room, which is also used as a small study. The design of the cabinet is super fashionable




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