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Apple color

apple color, sweet color gives people a fresh feeling. Living in such a Guose home, people's mood will become comfortable. The main component of apples is sugar. The fruit acid in apple can prevent skin dryness, acne and age spots

strawberry color

strawberry is also called red berry, ground berry, etc. its appearance is heart-shaped, delicious, red and tender, the pulp is juicy, sweet and sour, and the flavor is rich. It not only has color, but also has a pleasant fragrance that ordinary fruits do not have. It is a rare fruit with good color, aroma, and taste. Therefore, it is often praised as the "Queen of fruits"

lemon color

lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits. Because it is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high content of sodium and low content of potassium, it is very beneficial to human body

honey peach color

honey peach can resist anemia and promote blood production. The content of iron in peach pulp is high. Because iron participates in the synthesis of human blood, eating peach has the ability to promote hemoglobin regeneration and can prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency





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